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Diamond Painting Lovers Fun Guide

Diamond Painting Lovers

Are you a diamond painting lover?

Here are 3 ways to take your painting with diamonds experience to the next level.

1.  Join a facebook group.

We joined Fancy Nancy 💎 Diamond Painting.

It's a group of 1,400 plus diamond painters that post pictures of completed diamond paintings.


They also share diamond painting techniques and other interesting diamond art related posts.

For instance Fancy Nancy also posts on Youtube and has one of the most watched diamond painting videos ever.

You'll get to see diamond painting videos like this one:

How diamond painting kits are made in China.

Watch it here.



Want to know where to get free diamond paintings?  

What's the best diamond painting kit on the market?  

What about where to get a great diamond painting pen?

Join a 5d diamond painting group and find out.

Bottomline:  Diamond Painting Facebook groups are fun!


2.  Create a 5d diamond painting Instagram account.

Not sure how to create an account?

It's super easy.

And it's free.

All you need is an email account.


You can even join from Facebook.

Here'a a link to the Instagram website.

It takes 30 seconds.

Once you get an account you can start posting pictures of your diamond paintings.

Are you proud of your custom diamond art?  Then post it.

Check out this finished diamond painting:


Do you have an amazing 5d diamond painting tip?


Make a short video and put it on instagram.

So much fun.

Did you know you can search for other diamond painting enthusiasts and follow them?

Search diamond painting

You can also follow their followers to grow your account.

Soon your IG feed will be filled with cool diamond painting photos.

Want to see all the cool diamond art on Instagram?

Search for #diamondpainting.


There are over 186,000 pictures of diamond paintings!

number of diamond painting pictures on instagram

You can literally spend days just looking at diamond art pictures.  

You can also connect with other people that paint with diamonds too.

Tons of fun!

3.  Join the diamond painting fun on Pinterest.

Pinterest is amazing.

It's a website like Instagram and is filled with pictures.

It's also super easy to join.

Here's their link:

Pictures on Pinterest are called Pins.

Pins are pinned to boards.

We have a group board of nothing but pictures of completed diamond paintings.

Diamond painting completed

Want to see what a diamond painting looks like when it is completed?

Maybe it's here.


If your eyes get tired or you are away from your current work in progress you can still have fun with diamond painting.

You can check in with your Facebook group, like some pictures on your IG feed or post a picture on Pinterest.

Here's a bonus tip:  get a diamond painting subscription

That's right you can sign up for a subscription and your diamond painting kit will arrive each and every month right on time.

Extra bonus tip: diamond painting is great for kids too!  Smaller diamond painting kits, around 20x20cm, are great for children.

Either way, come join the fun!


Like this article?  Please share, bookmark or link.

Have some ideas you'd like to share?  We'd love to hear from you.

Feel free to contact us at

And as always, use VIP15 for 15% off when shopping at Diamondxpres

Thank you.


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  • I enjoy doing the diamondxpres. I get started and i lose all track of time. I have done about 10 of them in the last 6 months. I want to get a big one ad d it next

    Sue Lawber

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