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The 9 Best Diamond Paintings of 2020 [NEW]

Diamond art is unique.  It's a cross between cross stitch and paint by numbers.


There's no doubt about it.  It is taking the crafting world by storm!


For all the diamond painting lovers out there we have put together the top nine 5d diamond painting kits of 2020.


Plus, we have a special offer to give you at the end of this article.  


1- Custom Diamond Painting

 Dog picture for custom diamond art


This is a custom diamond painting.  It is probably the most popular diamond art kit on the market today.  This is where we take some of your amazing photos and apply them directly to the adhesive canvas.  Your photos come to life!


Why?  Who doesn't want a 5d diamond painting of one of their loved ones.


There's not a better way to memorialize a pet.  Need a 5d painting of a grandkid?   Is art one of your creative outlets?  


Get a custom diamond art kit. Order either a square drill or a round drill kit, it's up to you. 


Everyone's doing it.  They make excellent gifts and think of the joy and excitement as these delightful diamond pictures come to life!


Not sure how to order one?  


Learn about that -> HERE 


2- Service Diamond Painting Kit


Service Diamond Painting 

This is an instant classic diamond painting and for folks who have loved ones in the military or just love the military this is a must have piece of diamond art.  


The colors in this amazing 5d diamond artwork pop!  Fabulous red, bright blue and the black works its magic.  


From Memorial Day and throughout the summer this will be hugely popular.


This is a perfect diamond art kit to send to a loved one far away from home.  


3- Colorful Giraffe Diamond Art


Colorful Giraffe Diamond Painting


Wow!  A tall and extra large diamond painting.  We love this colorful picture and we’ve seen the completed diamond art and it’s stunning.  The patterns make this fun to do because it’s easy to see your progress.

We also like the way it looks like the giraffe is posing for the picture and seems to be saying something funny.

Frame this diamond painting and put it on one of those walls that calls for tall and slender pictures.


4- Heaven


Heaven Diamond Painting

Easily one of the most popular 5d diamond paintings today.  The colors, the scenery and the painting’s composition all harken back to a more peaceful time.  

We love the mood and feeling we get when looking at this diamond art and can’t help but anticipate the hours of fun ahead as the giant and stately red barn comes to life.

We can feel the relaxation and calmness as we place each blue diamond gem into the sky.  Majestic and stately for sure.


5- Kaleidoscope Diamond Art


Kaleidoscope Diamond Art

Life is a kaleidoscope if you think about it.  You make plans for the day and God laughs at you.  It never turns out quite the way you envisioned. 

We love the vibrant colors and we’ve found ourselves staring at this painting and just being mesmerized by the action and design.  Imagine this one done in square diamonds.  Talk about sparkle and shine!

Here’s the great thing about this diamond artwork, it can be anything you’d like it to be.

Anything at all. 


6- Easter Diamond Painting


 Easter Diamond Painting


We have a pretty good idea why this is a popular DIY diamond painting.  Great subject matter, awesome colors and a gorgeous background make it a year round favorite.  

Not much more needs to be said here.

Dig out your diamond painting tools, tape down the canvas, sort your diamond painting gems, simply apply them on the appropriate squares and let’s get started.


7- Bald Eagle Diamond Painting

Bald Eagle Diamond Painting


Quick think of one word to describe this diamond art.


The eagle sits in total command of its domain.  Its eyes are all knowing and the beak looks so powerful.

How did the photographer get so close?  Magnificent!!

Can you imagine the hours of fun working on this one?


8- Jars of Flowers Diamond Painting Kit

 Jars of Flowers

 Jars of Flowers Diamond Painting.

Flowers and jars just seem to go together don’t they.  We love crafts, we love flowers, we love flower diamond paintings so why wouldn’t we love jars of flowers.  It’s a craft diamond painting!  Or maybe another way to say it is it is a diamond painting of a craft.  Either way it’s popular diamond art.


9- Semper Fi Diamond Painting


Semper Fi Diamond Painting

From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli....

You can hear the music ringing in your head as you look at this 5d painting.  Who doesn’t love the Marine Corps.  They are unapologetically tough and scary.  To paraphrase Col Nathan Jessup, “We need them on that wall, we want them on that wall.”

Sleep tight everyone, the Marines have landed.



 Starry Night by Van Gogh

Van Gogh's Starry Night is an all time classic diamond painting.  How did he come up with this amazing piece of art?

Simply incredible and it has stood the test of time.  Did he know that someday it would be sold as diamond art?  That makes us wonder.

The 5d diamonds will surely make this masterpiece sparkle and shine.



Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoyed the article.  

Do you agree or disagree with our list?

Do you have some of your own favorite diamond paintings?

We'd love to hear from you.

Feel free to spread the word and share with your friends.

About that special offer...

Use custom code VIP15 for a 15% off discount.  Good for any purchase and this code can be transferred among friends and family.

Head over to Diamondxpres today and order some of the best diamond painting kits of 2020.

Thank you.


By Lynn Hamilton at Diamondxpres

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  • I was introduced to this art at Xmas and since then have done 15 paintings. I am addicted!!! I just wish I had discovered your Co. when I started. I have searched so many co.’s and I have to tell you how impressed I am with your web page for starters. Your pictures are so bright and some very different from the norm. The site is so easily navigated, also. I am so impressed with all the information that you furnish, right down to a conversion chart (for us metric dummies). Your prices are wonderful and you are in the USA. I am going to order my first painting from you today. I realize with what is going on in the world today, shipping is probably going to be a little longer than normal and is understandable. Thank you so much for your quality web site. Looking forward to getting my painting and have really been wanting to do a custom of my grandsons. You are the co. of choice for that venture in the near future.

    Andi Cross

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