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What is Diamond Painting? A Guide to Your New Favorite Hobby

Picture of Van Gogh's Starry Night

Did you know that 4 of the 21 most expensive paintings ever sold are by Van Gogh?

Are you looking to get into art and want to explore something unique and fun?

In this article, you'll learn what is diamond painting and why you should learn it. Read on to discover this fun and engaging hobby that you'll be glad you learned about and can enjoy. 

What Is Diamond Painting?

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Diamond painting is a new and exciting hobby that helps you to relax by using small-synthetic crystals to create your design. It's considered a mosaic art form with the small crystals that shine like diamonds.

The small crystals are placed onto a numbered canvas that matches with the numbers on the crystals. 

It's easy to pick up with no prior experience required. When you pick up this hobby you'll receive a kit such as 5d diamond painting kits along with 5d diamond painting instructions. 

What Is 5D Diamond Painting?

5D means special effects that the artwork reflects when it's finished for a realistic effect. 5D means 5-dimensional, and the crystals you will use are 5D. 3D diamonds have 3 facets, while 5D diamonds have 5.

The more facets the resin has the more it'll sparkle. 

What Comes in a Kit?

diamond painting canvas

In your kit, you'll find the painting canvas with adhesive, glue/wax pad, drill pen, drill tray, and tweezers.

You'll also receive these along with drills and spares whether 5D or not.

A drill is defined as the shape of the diamonds you'll use for your canvas. 

There are square and round drills.  They are also known affectionally as diamond dots.

Round drill paintings have a cross-stitch effect, and the square has a mosaic effect when they're completed.

The kit comes with a canvas since without it you can't do the diamond painting. Your canvas will have numbers or symbols printed on it that go with the colors of the diamonds.

The canvas has a layer of glue that'll let the diamonds stick to it. Each code will be on the canvas and the diamond as well. 

Diamond Painting Tips

Checkerboard pattern diamond painting tip

When learning how to diamond paint, you'll want to first lay all of the materials on a flat surface. You'll want them within reach but high and out of the reach of children and free from distractions.

You'll want to arrange your painting supplies, and sort out your diamonds before beginning. 

Before beginning, you'll also want to study the numbers and symbols on the canvas to have an idea in mind of the image you'll be creating. 

Place the diamond packet into a tray and then look at the numbers or letters on the canvas. You'll want to then choose what color to begin with.

Shake the tray so that the diamonds are flat-side down. 

You'll want the faceted side to be facing up when you grab it with your applicator.

Work section by section and remove the plastic film as you go.

You always want to start the diamonds at the bottom corner of the design and work your way up. 

When you're done make sure to replace the plastic film.

When your painting is complete, you'll want to also place the plastic film on top.

You'll want to use a book or rolling pin to press the canvas and secure the diamonds.

Once your painting is done, you can frame it and hang it up in your home. 

For more on this, see our comprehensive blog post: A Helpful Guide to Diamond Painting: Techniques, Tips and Framing

Square or Diamond Paintings?

picture of square or round

Choosing between square or diamond paintings is up to your personal preference.

If you choose round-shaped paintings, they leave a gap between the diamonds, and the final result is less clear-cut.

Because of this, many choose square over round. 

Round diamonds are easier and quicker than square diamonds though. 

The Benefits of Diamond Painting

When you're doing diamond painting, it takes attention and focus on the activity, which then leads to improved concentration.

This is a great activity for children who have a shorter attention span and need to keep busy.

If you're sitting for too long that can increase anxiety, so it's important to do a hobby that'll keep your mind active, and you moving, such as diamond painting. 

When you're using the same muscles as you are during diamond painting, it helps to strengthen your motor skills and is beneficial for children.

It's also a great learning experience for yourself or your child to learn something new that's not hard to pick up.

It's also extremely relaxing since you're not staring at a screen all day and you can find it relaxing seeing your finished and beautiful design.

It'll be a sense of accomplishment after you see your finished work. 

Ideas for Organizing Your Diamond Art

Whether organization is important to you or not, it's vital you keep all of the items necessary for your paintings.

You can label your drills for storage to keep them separate from each other.

You can also use labels that are in the shape of the drills, in case you have both square and round paintings. 

When you're done with your painting and have crystals leftover, instead of throwing them out, why not reuse them?

You can create mosaic art with the leftover resin and decorate different items such as notebooks.

For organizational purposes, you can buy a multi-use organizer to keep your supplies separated. 

You can also keep your diamond painting covered and on a different surface when you can go to pick it up when you're ready to use it.

This is beneficial if you're working on multiple paintings. 

All About Diamond Paintings

Whether you're new to diamond paintings or not, you should be able to answer the question, what is diamond painting after reading this article.

Are you ready to get started on your new diamond painting?

Check out the variety of different diamond paintings you can order today.

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