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Diamond Painting of the Month Subscriptions

  • Join our Diamond Art Club today!
  • Unbelievable value and incredibly easy to do. 
  • Purchase a subscription plan and leave the worry to us. 
  • Your gorgeous diamond painting order will ship and arrive automatically!
  • Our most popular product!

Q: Do I get to pick my own diamond painting?
A: It depends.  With a "Choose Your Own" subscription you do get to choose from a limited set of diamond paintings.  For normal subscriptions we pick the monthly diamond painting.
Q: Subscriptions sound fun and easy, are they?
A: Yes.  Leave the worry to us.

It's as easy as 1,2,3.

Step 1:  Decide what type of subscription.  Choose your own or have us pick it.  Decide on size and shape.  Large, Medium or Small and Square or Round.

Decide which type of subscription

Step 2:  Order your subscription

Order subscription

Step 3:  Wait for it to arrive in the mail.  Every month or two depending on your plan.

Subscription arrives in mail

What are you waiting for?  Pick one today!

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