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If you are going to buy a diamond painting from us we want you to know our core values.

Our Core Values

We will strive to live up to our core values daily - Integrity, Service and Excellence. If we are failing to meet these core values at any time, then we want to know about it.

Our promise to you. We will ship within 1-2 days depending on volume of sales and we guarantee satisfaction or your money will be returned.

We are committed to improvement at all times. We are constantly seeking ways to improve our products, our service and our website. We seek feedback and look forward to hearing from our customers.

Finally, we are dedicated to the customer and will work hard to meet our customer's expectations and demands. We know we have to earn your trust each and every day.


We're working on the this store all the time, listening to feedback and adding different and exciting products all the time.  Please check back from time to time and be sure to leave feedback when you can.  Thank you!